28.06.05 Excellent review of Imperfection on german Terrorverlag
The german EBM, Gothic and Industrial magazine Terrorverlag reviews Imperfection.
Check it out here (in german)

12.05.05 "Imperfection" Nr. 1 on A Different Drums Saleslist
And not only Nr. 1 - we also hold the Nr. 2 with the single "Taxi Rider" and Nr. 3 with the single "Lane". Here is what Todd from ADD wrote about the album:
This new act from Denmark plays well produced, melodic synthpop that sounds like a slightly more moody version of Boytronic, or a chilled-out Universal Poplab. Most of the songs are medium-paced, with a good number of emotional ballads and a couple of peppy Pet-Shop-Boys-esque tracks as well. Vanity is a very promising new-comer in the scene.

10.05.05 "Lane" Nr. 25 on the danish "Tjecklisten" Chart
So now we finally also hit the major danish chart "Tjecklisten" on the largest radiostation in Denmark. We entered the chart this weekend as #25. Please go and vore for our new single "Lane" at http://www.dr.dk/p3/tjeklisten/lister/index.asp 

08.05.05 The second album
It's not even been 2 months since the release of the debut album "Imperfection" - however we are already working on our next album with the worktitle "Thirtyfaction" so stay tuned for demos the next coupple of months. With a little luck the album is to be released in september!

05.05.05 A Different Drum 
One of the worlds most known sources for synthpop - A Different Drum - just released Vanity's new album and the 2 hit singles on  www.adifferentdrum.com

25.04.05 JAPAN here we are...
We signed a deal with the Tokyo based label Apple Crumble Records. So if you're placed over there - go shopping on Apple Crumble's Webshop

20.04.05 Imperfection album now available in the US 
Now our new album can be bought in the US via CDBaby - actually they also ship to the rest of the world, and the album is almost sold at half the normal price. Go shopping on http://www.cdbaby.com/vanity

07.04.05 Manager WANTED!
We are looking for a new manager to promote Vanity worldwide. If you're interested please send application and CV to mail@deadpanda.net

16.01.05  Happy new year!
So we're done. The album "Imperfection" is to be out on March 23rd in Denmark together with our new single "Lane" You can listen to one the Remixes by clicking here

05.12.04  "It's Christmas" - and have a good one!
We have just spent the weekend in the studio making a kitsch christmas hit called "It's Christmas" - Wham move over!

Listen to "It's Christmas" here
Download as MP3 here

12.11.04  Our next single, "Lane", is almost finished.
"Lane" could probably be the next album release single. Listen to the pre-master version below.

 - Lane

11.11.04  "Taxi Rider" in high rotation on P3!
Our single "Taxi Rider" is currently being played every day for 1 million listeners throughout little Denmark!

04.11.04  "Taxi Rider" on Danish Radio P3
"Taxi Rider" is now being played on the Danish Radio station DR P3. We've just heard it for the first time on air. Ooooh joy!

03.08.2004  An update from our new home in Berlin!
Streaming is now available under "music", listen to tracks from our single "Taxi Rider" and the upcoming debut album "Imperfection".

30.09.2004  "Taxi Rider" out in the shops
Our single "Taxi Rider" is now available in the shops in Denmark or you can buy it online here.

18.08.2004  Back in Denmark
We are back again after 3 weeks of hard work in Berlin. Actually we went back for another week to finish the single and the 3 cool remixes.

The single will hit the Danish radio stations soon!

10.06.2004  Berlin we love you!
We arrived yesterday in lovely Berlin and stopped by UFO Studios to say hi' to the people we will be working with for the next 2-3 weeks.

08.06.2004  There are angels on the streets of Berlin.
This summer Vanity will be working in the UFO Studio Berlin. The UFO Studio is situated in the old east part of Berlin in an old rebuild brewery setting. The perfect setting for the creative work of the band.

The place was chosen among many when Peter and Charlotte visited Berlin in May (having references as Gareth Jones, Depeche Mode producer). So watch out for the two band members bar-crawling across this part of Berlin in July.