eter has been playing music since he was 9 - starting of as a drummer/percussionist until he was 15. At the age of 16 Peter started writing his own music using mainly acoustic guitars.

  At the age of 18 Peter founded his own studio "In Insomnia Sound Production" based at that time in the home of his parents. Peter produced a series of tracks with different artist, maily with his own material, but was also co-producer on several productions for other bands/artists.

  In 1996 he moved his studio to the city of Haderslev where he produced jingles for radiostations etc. In the summer of 1996 Peter produced the demo album "After Storm - Before Silence" together with friend and singer André Christian.


  After this period Peter concentrated on his career in the IT-industry. He founded his own company Athena Communications Ltd. in fall 1997 growing to have almost 50 employees in 2001.

  In the summer of 2002 Peter started a joint venture with his old friend and writer Torben Munksgaard starting to produce songs for a new album. It is the result of this work that lead to the founding of VANITY, which this summer is going to record both tracks written by Peter and Torben over the past 2 years as well as new material written in co-operation between Peter and Charlotte. Peter doing the composing as usual and the editing of Charlotte's cryptic lyrics