e’re not shy
e’re just contagious!

  Choosing the name Vanity for our project came as an idea from the bright sky sitting at “The 925 Lounge Bar” in Berlin in springtime 2004. Peter and Charlotte was brainstorming for the upcoming recording session as they were discussing a suitable name for the band. Talking about the lyrics and why Peter has taken so long to start recording his music more seriously, it all came to one conclusion, because of Vanity. The lyrics are filled with irony and vain.

So you think I died
When you went away
Truely that's a lie
I've never got so laid

...Get the picture?


925 Lounge Bar, Berlin

   The bar is named after its 18-meter-long bar that is made from 70 kilos of 925 Sterling silver. The sophisticated interior - dark oak parquet and coral red walls - is influenced by the Bauhaus-inspired architecture of Malet-Stevens.